Starting today, July 1st, environmental fees connected to the purchase of new tyres put on the market by Ecopneus Partners are even lower. The non-profit company has in fact succeeded in making the operating management of End of Life Tyres more efficient, thus further reducing the environmental fee required from consumers, which today goes from 2.30 to 2 Euros for the car sector, and proportionately for all other types of tyre (see table below).

Since 2011 it is the fourth time that Ecopneus has reduces the environmental fee, thanks to a constant commitment in optimising operative processes and thanks to a careful and efficient management. The savings deriving from such reduction are estimated to be around 9 million Euros on an annual basis for Italian consumers. From the start of the system in September 2011 to today, the whole reductions produced a total saving on new tyres purchasing estimated in about 30 million Euros.

That is an even more precious reduction in the light of the significant service level offered to the tyres replacement market, of the important operating results achieved on the field and of our commitment which went beyond the regulations’ requirement” stated Giovanni Corbetta, Ecopneus Managing Director. “Also last year we were able to go beyond our collection law target, having collected 247 thousand ELT tons from 33,000 “tyre dealers” thanks to over 72,000 vehicle missions. Being able to obtain such results, guaranteeing an excellent service to the system and a saving to consumers must be a reason of pride for all the operators in our chain who strongly contributed to such a result”.

The environmental fee is an amount connected to the purchase of each new tyre which is to be used exclusively for financing operations of collection, transportation and treatment of end of life tyres. A cost that was once included in the new tyre’s price and which since 2011 is instead to be shown on the invoice, to safeguard the consumer that is no longer exposed to mark-ups or illegal commercial practices. No profit can derive from the fee: the law sets that possible management surpluses at year end cannot be distributed as dividends to shareholders, and that at least 30% must be dedicated to collection operations from old stocks, so as to reduce ELT accumulations present in Italy.

Thanks to the obtained management surplus, in these years Ecopneus carried out 8 extraordinary collections from old stocks by removing and sending about 50,000 ELT tons to recovery. Another similar operation is still ongoing in the largest European ELT accumulation, in Castelletto di Branduzzo (PV), where over 60,000 tons were accumulated. Up to today over 22thousand ELT tons have already been removed and the site will be completely emptied by 2016.