Grande viaggio insieme ConadThe 2018 edition of the “Great Journey Together” has started. This is a set of 14 events based on sharing, good food, music and, above all, sport with the activities coordinated by UISP-Unione Italiana Sport Per tutti (Italian Union Sport for everybody).

Ecopneus is a partner of Conad and UISP also for this fourth edition. Overall, Ecopneus has already donated seven anti-shock sports floorings made with recycled rubber to the sports people of the Great Journey Together. Children’s activities, games and competitions will be carried out on these surfaces, but not only that.

Indeed, sport is the very symbol of being together; it is the emblem of the value of everybody’s participation and involvement, without leaving anybody to the side. Being able to practise sport on a safe and eco-sustainable flooring represents extra added value and a strong message for all the people involved. The first two floorings were donated by Ecopneus to the cities of Brescia and Fano. What about the next one? It may be your city! Follow us also on the Ecopneus Facebook page and stay updated on the next stops of the tour!