In Lazio about 20 thousand End of Life Tyres (ELT) were sent to recovery in 2013 thanks to the work of Ecopneus’s partner companies, guaranteeing the correct recovery both of energy and of materials in applications of public utility.

With this datum the 2014 edition of Ecopneus Open Plants at the Centro Rottami srl plant opened today at Cisterna di Latina, one of Ecopneus’s operator partners specialised in End of Life Tyres collection and storage.

After the success of previous years, the third year of the initiative wanted by Ecopneus starts from the Latina province, to closely show institutions, the industrial world, the sector’s operators, control bodies and citizens how the treatment and recovery process is managed and, above all, to offer concrete evidence of how it is possible to give a new life to End of Life Tyres. A transparency path in line with the values of legality and ethics at the basis of the daily activity of Ecopneus and of all its partner companies, which form the main system responsible for ELT management in Italy.

Over 60% of the 19,384 tons of ELT collected in Lazio comes from Rome province (11,908 tons), followed by Frosinone (3,148 tons), Latina (2.564 tons), Viterbo (959 tons) and Rieti (805 tons).

This is an important fact that allowed the recovery of secondary raw material (rubber, but also steel and textile) an prevented the illegal abandonment into the environment of that kind of waste. To give an idea, let’s think that if all End of Life Tyres collected in a year in Lazio by Ecopneus were lined up one after the other they would form a strip almost 1,300 km long, equal to the distance between Rome and Paris.

 “Open Plants represents an important occasion to highlight the work, the commitment, the seriousness and the competence of all the operators in the chain – tyre dealers, transporters, storage sites and shredding plants – and above all to better inform public opinion and operators about such a precious material that can have numerous and very interesting uses” Giovanni Corbetta, Ecopneus Managing Director stated.

Recycled rubber applications, in fact, are obtained in various fields and they all guarantee advantages in terms of performance, environment, and social uses: sports surfaces (football fields, athletic tracks, basket and volleyball fields, equestrian tracks); road asphalts with modified bitumen for the production of roads more durable, weather-proof, less noisy, more draining in case of rain; kerbs, traffic dividers, speed bumps and lane separators in our cities, with the addition of flower box protections, roundabouts and flowerbeds traffic islands; building insulating materials for thermal and acoustic insulation of walls, ceilings and floors; alternative fuel for cement plants, paper mills, power plants, etc.

End of Life Tyres collection in Lazio
Provinces ELT tons collected
ELT tons collected
Jan-Apr 2014
Frosinone 3.148 1.000
Latina 2.564 802
Rieti 805 224
Roma 11.908 3.989
Viterbo 959 241
TOTAL 19.384 6.256