As already reported and after having closed 2015 with a total collection of ELTs more than 15,000 tonnes above the legal target, Ecopneus is finding that the same problem is already arising during the first weeks of 2016, and is probably exacerbated by the presence of stockpiles due to the previous slowdowns.

As it is obviously not able to collect quantities that exceed its financial resources, which are closely tied to the regular sale of tyres and to the relative contributions received, and in order to avoid a total halt in the pick-up of ELTs from “tyre dealers” during the last weeks of the year, Ecopneus is forced to determine the collection on a daily basis, distributing quantities throughout the month and the country, but certainly without being able to satisfy all of the collection requests it receives.  All of this occurs in full compliance with the obligations assigned by Decree 82/2011, which regulates the management of ELTs in Italy.

This difficult situation which, it must be emphasized, is strictly dependent on irregular sales on the spare parts market, can only be eliminated by regularizing all of the quantities sold: Ecopneus hopes that the protagonists of tyre sales achieve this result in order to enable an alignment between the quantity of tyres sold and the quantity of ELTs emerging in the country.