In the margins of the final lesson of the 1st Regional Course of Automobile Repairers and Tyre Dealers, there has been a moment of debate about the needs of a constantly evolving sector, the importance of the correct recovery of End-of-Life tyres, and the possible synergies from the collaboration among Institutions, Confartigianato, and Ecopneus for the protection of society, the environment, and the companies of the territory.


Yesterday afternoon the final lesson of the 1st Regional Course of the Automobile Repairers and Tyre Dealers of “Confartigianato Autoriparazione” was held. 14 entrepreneurs of the Automobile sector have taken part in this course: 9 of them were former mechatronics, and five of them were body shop repairers. These entrepreneurs are completing their training to obtain the qualification of tyre dealer.

End-of-Life tyre management is one of the topics the operators of the automobile repair sectors have shown most interest in. Thanks to ELT management, the correct recycling of every tyre legally sold on the spare parts market is guaranteed. This avoids dangerous illegal tyre dumping in the environment. Moreover, the precious rubber the tyre is made of is correctly recovered and recycled. This recycled rubber is then used for sports applications, infrastructures, urban furniture, or as energy for cement factories and in many other sectors of use.

Precisely for this reason, in the margins of the final lesson of the course, there was a moment of discussion among theRegional Councillor in charge of Productive Activities, Ms Manuela BoraMr Gianluca Guidi, President of “Confartigianato Autoriparatori” of the provinces of Ancona – Pesaro and UrbinoMr Giovanni Corbetta, General Manager of Ecopneus, and Mr Luca Bocchino, Head of the Department of Economic Development, Territory, Categories and Movements of “Confartigianato Imprese” of the provinces of Ancona – Pesaro Urbino.

Ecopneus collected and managed 8,068 tonnes of End-of-Life Tyres in the Marche Region in 2018. This amount is equivalent to the weight of about 900,000 automobile tyres. In the first semester of 2019 the collection of ELTs in this region is going ahead as per expectations with over 4,000 tonnes already managed: 1,231 tonnes collected in the Province of Ancona; 434 tonnes in the province of Ascoli Piceno; 498 in the Fermano area; 766 in the Province of Macerata, and 1,032 in the one of Pesaro and Urbino.

There are about 2,500 automobile mechanics in the Region Marche. They employ about 5,000 people. Automobile repair represents one of the sectors with the highest level of innovation as it follows the progress of the automotive sector. This fact automatically forces the category to evolve by the means of continuous training courses and by adapting to the changing of the market and its demands.