The fourth conference on the circular economy will be held in presence in Rome on 5th April, from 09.30 to 12.30. The conference has been organised by the Circular Economy Network. 

The appointment with the National Conference on the Circular Economy will be back in presence at the Sala Nazionale Spazio Eventi, at 10, Via Palermo, in Rome on 5th April, from 9.30 to 12.30.

During the event, the 2022 Italian circular economy report will be presented. This report has been written by the Circular Economy Network,. Ecopneus is among the promoters of this Network in collaboration with Enea. This report allows to evaluate Italy’s performances and the state of implementation of the European Action Plan within the scope of the ecological transition on a yearly basis.

The separation of economic growth from virgin raw material consumption by the means of an efficient use of resources and the industrial symbiosis is the strategic objective of the circular economy and one of the founding elements of the Green Deal.

The conference is now on its 4th edition. It constitutes a particularly important occasion of debate this year. Indeed, the economic recovery following the crisis caused by the pandemic, has been hindered by the increase of the prices of many virgin raw materials as well as problems in the supply of the same. These are linked both to these circumstances but also to a structural tendency in a global context where there is growing demand for materials whose availability is not infinite.

The transition towards a circular production and consumption models is, thus, a necessity not only for ecological sustainability, but also for the solidity of the financial recovery and companies’ competitiveness.

The Conference will be an occasion for a debate on these issues that are of great strategic value four our Country with the experts and the representatives of companies, research bodies and the Government.

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The conference has been organised by the Circular economy network, in collaboration with ENEA and with the sponsorship of the European Commission and the Ministry for the Ecological Transition.

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