Last December 11 at Spazio Solferino in Milan, Daniele Tamagni, Milanese photographer and winner of the World Press Photo in 2011 in the category Arts and Entertainment, presented his snapshots collected in the exhibition and in the book “Material-Value-Immaterial”.  In this work promoted by Ecopneus – the leader in the management of end-of-life tyres in Italy – environmental wounds and “ugliness” acquire new meaning and value in the beauty of their metamorphosis.  The report narrates the capacity to cancel the sense of waste, replacing it with that of reuse, recovery and recycling of the material.

Ecopneus wanted to create this “photographic voyage” in rubber recycling, experimenting with a new language to communicate environmental sustainability as well as the social and economic implications of its “circular economy” activities: the recovery and recycling of almost 250,000 tons of end-of-life tyres each year, a value for the community, the environment and the entire country.

The “green revolution” needs new forms of narration and dissemination in order to unleash all of its positive and proactive potential.  “The image becomes a weapon against environmental crimes,”    stated Stefano Trasatti, the Coordinator of the “Weak Link” award for the best journalistic and fiction short films and audio clips on themes with a strong social content and on environmental sustainability, in his preface.  “It is the path of an object that disfigured the landscape toward a new function that is beneficial to all; the transition from neglect and lawlessness to the possible sharing of habits that are respectful of our generation and future ones”.

The other preface is by Marco Gisotti, the Director of the Green Drop Award, the prize dedicated to cinematographic works competing at the Venice Film Festival that represent the values of ecology and cooperation among peoples.  “Telling our past story and imagining the future one is also a fact of vision.  That of Daniele Tamagni is the photographic telling of a possible story that is occurring and that is rewriting, even culturally, the borders of future society.”  Writing of environmental communication, Gisotti writes, “A more immediate narrative capacity is necessary, a photo, perhaps, that summarizes everything and helps us to project our imagination into the next century.

In 2010 Daniele Tamagni also won the ICP Infinity award in the fashion category.  His publications include: “Gentlemen of Bacongo”, “Kami, the mission for energy” (Terna-Coopi) and “Passage to Rajasthan” (Luxottica Foundation One Sight).