granulazione:frantumazioneDuring the first term of 2019, over 53,000 tonnes of End-of-Life tyres have been collected all over the Italian territory. Of these, 27,600 tonnes have been destined to energy recovery  which is about 52% of the total. Out of 27,600 tonnes, 18,000 have been recovered abroad. The main overseas destinations are: Korea, Turkey, Romania, Germany, and Austria. The tyres have been recovered in plants that have been visited and are constantly monitored from the point of view of legislative compliance.  

Ecopneus is working on the financial competitiveness of this highly-performing “alternative fuel”. At the same time, however, it is trying to constantly improve the dimensions of the shreds, the level of service and the stability of the availability of the supply.

The remaining part – 25,400 tonnes – has been mechanically recycled and destined to the markets of granules and powders. These are used in several sectors: building, infrastructures, sports surfaces, and compounds. The growth of these “circular economy” applications is currently slowing, as it is suffering from the delays in the approval of the long-waited End of Waste Decree for “granulate vulcanised rubber”, which has been announced several times, but not yet promulgated.