Yesterday, by formalising the agreement between Municipality and Ecopneus, after just three months from the signature of the Protocol for the extraordinaty collection of End-of-Life Tyres in the Fires Land, and from the start of the related activities, started also the collection activities of 5,000 End-of-Life Tyres tons from an area in San Martino at Scisciano, Naples Province. An intervention linked to the Protocol, but realised with additional resources that Ecopneus decided to make available to take action in this historical site, as part of the planned activities to use the 2012 management surplus resources.

The illegal ELT accumulation in Scisciano has been known for years by citizens and local Authorities, and the situation has broken through over the Protocol’s signature with the indication to the Prefect in charge for the Fires Land, indicated by the Home Office, and Ecopneus. Once started the necessary administrative procedures, and the necessary inpections together with the local Authorities had started to make the collection possible, the signature of the agreement with the Municipality was reached, foreseeing the start of the collections next Monday, October 7th.

The area had created a great worry due to the lack of any useful fence or any other barrier to prevent the entrance of strangers, and thus to prevent the possible ELT burning or the discharge of more wastes in the area. By means of such intervention a great problem – linked to health risks deriving from possible fires – for the community of Scisciano is eliminated, returning its territory taken away for too long.

The Ministry for the Environment, Andrea Orlando declared: “The intervention on the degradated situation in Scisciano witnesses how the system put in place by the Fires Land Protocol has all the potentialities to result a precious instrument to start giving concrete answers to a territory neglected for too long. Our job beside citizens will continue in this direction with commitment, constance, and great determination.

“The Fires Land Pact is today an important point. The operations in Scisciano show, in fact, it is possible also in this territory to safeguard the environment and the quality of life of citizens. A concrete and proactive  approach to problems is necessary, less gossip and more responsibility and competence”, is the comment of Donato Cafagna, Home Office Responsible for the Fires Land.

“This is an extraordinary result – Scisciano’s Mayor Edoardo Serpico states – derived from a constant job of the whole municipality Administration and extramunicipality Institutions, but, above all, this is a victory for the entire community of Scisciano”.