From September to December 2014 in Pistoia,  lessons will be held of the course of “Professional training and update in Acoustics and Control of Transportation Noise”, at UNISER – Pistoia University Centre, organised by UNISER, Vie En.Ro.Se. Engineering, Association of Engineers of Pistoia Province in collaboration with Ecopneus and AnsaldoBreda.

ELT rubber find its largest use in the area of acoustics and noise reduction, thanks to the advantages derived from its own characteristics. Rubber powder obtained from End of Life Tyres recycling added to asphalts bitumen allows in fact to obtain more silent road paving, with a reduction of  sound emissions that in some cases can reach 7 dB(A). Another application field for recycled rubber is in constructions: once transformed into rolls, sheaths, or directly poured on site, it can be used to acoustically insulate floors, roofs, wall sections, ceilings.

In order to inform about the advantages of these and all the applications of ELT rubber as an instrument to reduce noise, Ecopneus collaborated to the preparation of UNISER’s course. The lessons cycle represents a training path of 120 hours structured on the basis of the scheme of the compulsory training for competent technician in environmental acoustics defined by the FSE Sector (Training and Orientation System) of the Tuscany Region.

The objective is to supply participants with theoretical training and methodology tools necessary to reach competence levels which allow to operate in the field of acoustic evaluation and planning and to face with a sufficient level of knowledge and competence problems connected to environmental, constructions, architectural and working places acoustics,  inside its own profession, considering the position of Competent Technician in environmental acoustics

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UNISER represents the Pistoia University Centre, whose statute sets forth to support and realise education courses of university level in the territory of Pistoia Province, based on the belief that a higher education level represents a public good and a public responsibility.

AnsaldoBreda is the company of Finmeccanica specialised for 160 years in the production of rolling stock technologically advanced. Innovation and versatility characterise the Ansaldo Breda vehicles such as the brand new Frecciarossa 1000, which is the fastest vehicle in Europe with its maximum speed of400 km/h.

Association of Engineers of Pistoia Province, with its approximately 800 subscribers is the reference place for its subscribers at technical, professional and cultural level. Thanks to commissions it has always dedicated its attention to the organisation of courses, workshops, and conventions; recently, it has increased the number of meetings for the acknowledgement of professional training credits, after the implementation of the compulsory training by engineers.

VIE EN.RO.SE. is a Training Agency qualified and certified in the field of  compulsory, upper and continuous training. Within the company operates a group of 8 Technicians Competent in Acoustics and Technical Consultants of the Court, coordinated by  Dott. Ing. Sergio Luzzi, qualified expert in acoustics of III level and a member of the directive council of the Italian Acoustics Association and of the Executive Council of the European Acoustics Association, university tutor with part-time contract of Acoustics Planning and Assessment of Physical Risks at the Florence University.