A town of rubber recycled from End-of-Life Tyres at Festambiente! On 18th August, the General Manager of Ecopneus, Mr Dossena, will take part in the debate “Climate crisis and ecological transition” together with the Ministers, Mr Cingolani and Mr Giovannini.

Thanks to Ecopneus, a real showroom of recycled rubber has been installed at the Festival of Legambiente: sports surfaces, cycle lanes, playgrounds, urban furniture, relaxation areas and much more!

The waiting is over at last. Also this year, from 18th to 22nd August, recycled rubber from End-of-Life Tyres will be once more the protagonist at Festambiente. Festambiente is the Festival organised by Legambiente at Rispescia (GR), near the Maremma Regional Park.

Ecopneus is a non-profit consortium and currently the main operator of the collection and recovery of End-of-Life Tyres in Italy. Thanks to its activities, a city of recycled rubber has been created at Festambiente in the course of the years. It hosts many innovative solutions for the enjoyment of both children and adults: football pitches, basketball courts, mini golf areas, the inclusive “TuttinGioco” playground, the acoustic requalification of the Auditorium, cycle lanes, urban furniture, and relaxation areas. They are all made with rubber recycled from ELTs.

Moreover, on 18th August, the General Manager of Ecopneus, Federico Dossena, will be one of the protagonists of the debate: “Climate crisis and ecological transition: a shared strategy for the re-evolution of the System Italy”. This debate will be coordinated by Enrico Fontana of Legambiente. The National President of Legambiente, Stefano Ciafani, the Minister of Infrastructures and Sustainable Mobility, Enrico Giovannini, the Minister of the Ecological Transition, Roberto Cingolani, and Alessandro Bratti, General Manager of ISPRA, will take part in the debate.

Federico Dossena, General Manager of Ecopneus commented: “We are really proud of being able to show the concrete benefits of the correct management of ELTs at Festambiente. This year, we are celebrating our 10th year of activity. As such, we are even more aware of the importance a correct management of ELTs has for a sustainable development of our Country and for environmental protection. We have taken this commitment and this vision to Festambiente. This has allowed us to offer the public a concrete experience of circular economy thanks to the many installations made with recycled rubber we have created in the course of the years”.

Indeed, recycled rubber is obtained from the recycling of ELTs. This precious material is, then, used for the creation of sports surfaces, soundproofing and anti-shock materials, cycle lanes, playgrounds, urban furniture objects, “silent”, long-lasting asphalts, and much more. Since 2014, Ecopneus has chosen to take concrete evidence of the circular economy of End-of-Life Tyres to Festambiente by the means of many installations and interventions.