The initiative, in fact, is tied to the Protocol for the extraordinary collection of abandoned tyres in the provinces of Naples and Caserta signed by the Ministry of Environment, which has been charged with the “Terra dei Fuochi” (Land of Fires) area by the Ministry of the Interior, the prefectures and municipalities of Naples and Caserta, and Ecopneus, which has already allowed the equivalent in weight of 1,000,000 car tyres to be removed from the streets since 2013, ensuring their correct recycling and avoiding any risk of abandonment in the region.

To participate in the contest, which has been organized in media partnership with the newspaper Il Mattino, you must take a photograph that symbolizes the beauty and qualities of the Campania region and send it along with a proposal of a public space to be redeveloped in one of the communities or municipalities of the Terra dei Fuochi: a public park that has fallen into disrepair can be given a new look, a space without seating and play areas can become a new meeting place, or a playground can return to having safe and comfortable injury-prevention flooring.  The photos must be sent from March 1-18 through the site

Great attention is also paid to young people and children with the involvement of the area’s primary and secondary schools in the contest “Terra dei Fuochi, land of beauty” that flanks the classroom activities conducted by the educators of Legambiente.  Also in this case the kids are called upon to produce a photograph and a message of legality and hope for their region.  The winning class will see their school’s sports facility upgraded with recycled rubber, while the second and third prize will go toward internal/external urban furniture, also made of recycled rubber.

Just as each of us can ensure the correct recycling of tyres and prevent their abandonment throughout the region by properly purchasing them, now with a photograph you can also contribute to breathing new life into your area in a concrete way.

Visit to learn how to participate in the contest.