At UnoMattina on Rai1, the many sports applications of recycled rubber. Also Gek Galanda is with us. Enjoy the programme!


The General Manager of Ecopneus, Giovanni Corbetta, was a guest at UnoMattina on 21st February. UnoMattina is an important Rai morning programme. It dedicated a time slot to Ecopneus and the applications of recycled rubber for sports. Indeed, recycled rubber is a material with exceptional qualities for the world of sports: it returns elastic energy to the athlete, it absorbs shocks and reduces muscular fatigue and micro-shocks, thus allowing a real champion’s performance.

During the interview in UnoMattina, a report about the basketball court of Brembate di Sopra was also shown. It was developed in collaboration with Giacomo Gek Galanda, ex captain of the Italian national basketball team that won a gold medal at the European championship during Paris ’99, as well as a silver Olympic medal in Athens 2004. Thanks to his experience as a professional player at the highest levels, Giacomo collaborates with Ecopneus to test and develop the ideal composition to have the best playing surface for basketball.
Together with Giocanni Corbetta, also CNR (National Research Council) physicist,
Valerio Rossi Albertini and Benedetta Rinaldi were guests of UnoMattina.