The activities of the Protocol for the extraordinary withdrawal of end-of-life tyres from the “Terra dei Fuochi” area continue incessantly, and see the involvement to date of 14 municipalities in Caserta and Naples, the local police, municipal institutions and Ecopneus.

The 420 tons removed from the area since the signing of the protocol (equivalent to over 46,000 individual car tyres) were brought to the sites agreed with the municipal administrations and from there transported to Ecopneus’ partner companies for the processing phases. Over 97% of the ELT collected in this way were recovered as material, transforming them into rubber granules and powder for many useful applications, from sports fields to elements for street furniture such as curbs and protections, “silent” and more long-lasting asphalts, and soundproofing, insulating and anti-vibration materials.

An agreement among the six municipalities of Nola (Camposano, Cimitile, Cicciano, Casamarciano, Visciano and Tufino, all in the province of Naples), which have found a solution for the transfer of the ELT abandoned in their territory, was also recently presented in Tufino.  Having neither authorized centres nor ecological islands, the six municipalities have agreed to transfer the ELT to the STIR plant in Tufino (a waste processing area of the Environment System of the province of Naples that grinds, sifts and packages waste), from which they will then be picked up by the companies designated by Ecopneus.  A new impetus to the activities of the Protocol and an effective solution that will hopefully serve as an example to other municipal administrations in the area.

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