Collect abandoned tyres in the territory to recover them and to remove “fuel” used to start toxic waste fires; inform citizens and consumers that buying “black” tyres fuels the phenomenon of their abandonment and, as a consequence, the phenomenon of toxic fires that disfigure the territory of Naples and Caserta, causing damages to people’s health. Those are the aims of the initiative promoted by the Ministry of the Environment and by Ecopneus (non-profit limited consortium engaged in ELT tracing, collection, and recovery throughout Italy), and awarded with the Aretè Prize of Responsible Communication; the campaign was promoted by Confindustria and ABI (Italian Bank Association), turning out to be the winner of the category “public communication”, of the journalists panel prize, and of the absolute prize.

The information campaign, titled “I choose the right way”, supporting the collection activities of abandoned ELT in the Land of Fires, within the scope set by a Protocol signed by, besides the Ministry of the Environment and Ecopneus (funding the initiative thanks to the contribution of some of its partners1), also by the Home Office Appointee for the Land of Fires, Naples and Caserta Prefectures, Naples and Caserta Municipalities. The campaign is conceived and coordinated by Hill&Knowlton Strategies on behalf of Ecopneus and of the Ministry of the Environment. Creativity  is signed Hill&Knowlton Strategies and RedCell

The scope of the operation is to take end-of-life tyres (ELT) away from the criminal practice that uses them to burn toxic wastes, and to make a plea against the black purchase of tyres, a phenomenon from which originates the ELT flow reappearing in fields or roadside, and triggering those fires sadly identifying this land.  “If you buy them illegally, you kill your land”, through this strong message and the image of a tyre transforming into a revolver’s cylinder, the campaign aims at highlighting the possibility for each citizen to concretely contribute to legality, and to allow to the effects of the extraordinary collection to become enduring.

This is a strong message toward citizens – Minister Andrea Orlando stated – for, against a presence and an intervention of the State to the territory benefit, they contribute with a choice of legality to interrupt the tyres abandonment chain linked to the phenomenon of toxic fires”.

For Ecopneus – Giovanni Corbetta, Ecopneus Managin Director stated – the commitment in the Land of Fires, beside the Ministry of the Environment, is added to the daily ELT collection and recovery throughout Italy: by reacting rigorously and transparently to the responsibility conferred to us by the law, and contributing to a great environment safeguard target in our Country”.

The campaign unfolds on press, radio, television, and it has its own website, and a Facebook page,, constantly updating about the collection activities and the territory initiatives. Up to today, over 5,000 ELT tons have already been removed from the “Land of Fires”, equal to ove 26 thousand cubic metres of material.

Under this initiative a special area is dedicated to the involvement of children, in collaboration with Legambiente, to stimulate them to reflect upon what can be concretely done to fight the illegalities afflicting their land, and to help them building and sending a message of change and hope. Next November 30th, the topics of environment and legality will be the arguments mainly covered with them, during an action and awareness day that will develop through an event at Politeama Theatre conducted by Luca Pagliari (journalist, author and writer), while a legality relay race, coordinated by UISP, will leave from Caserta and will arrive in Naples, where a sports village and information points will be set up.

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