After the signature of the Memorandum of Understanding on the End of Life Tyres extraordinary collection in Naples and Caserta areas, Ecopneus and territory Authorities together for resource enhancement and illegality fight


Hosted at the National Training Centre in Castel Volturno belonging to the State Forest Service, dedicated to Don Peppe Diana, today the first ELT Academy workshop was held upon a training initiative sponsored by Ecopneus; the initiative involved the main representatives in the territory about a socially relevant topic in Campania and in particular in the area known as the “Land of Fires”, i.e. the “legal” management of tyres at the end of their lives.


Downline of the signature of the Memorandum signed in the early morning by the Ministry for the Environment, Andrea Orlando, together with the competent Authorities, about ELT collection in the Provinces of Naples and Caserta, ELT’s topic has been central in the meeting held in Castel Volturno, during which the Campania reality regarding ELT management was drawn in the light of a wider picture at national level.

 “ELT management in Italy, and in Campania as well, is a success case for our Country – Giovanni Corbetta, Ecopneus Managing Director, stated. Through the ELT Academy project we want to carry out training to strengthen the legal management of this kind of waste. The efficiency of this system is based on the regular payment of the environmental fee, with its related invoice or ticket; where “black” purchases or VAT evasion is present, then automatically there is an illegal end-of-life tyre dumping, with the well-known consequences for the environment and for human health in case of fires”.

Over 7.600 End of Life Tyres tons were collected in Campania by Ecopneus at 2131 waste generation points and correctly sent to recovery in the first 5 months of this year only; out of these, 600 in Avellino Province, 545 in Benevento, 1.225 in Caserta, 3.525 in Naples, and 1.775 in Salerno.


240.000 are the ELT tons collected and recovered by Ecopneus in 2012 throughout Italy, with a real-time monitoring of each single ELT from its collection at tyre dealers (or service stations, mechanic workshops, etc.), and subsequent transportation to storage centres and processing plants. Many are the possible applications of ELT’s recovery derived rubber: sport surfaces, “rubberized” asphalts – that offer high performances in terms of duration, silence, safety –, soundproofing solutions, and much more; these applications are already widely widespread in many European and extra-European Countries.