Operatives figures



ELT collection of Ecopneus since 2011:
1,561,754 tonnes
 of End-of-Life Tyres collected

  • of which 16,602 tonnes handled in the “Terra dei fuochi”
  • of which 73,083 tonnes from historical stocks
  • of which over 118,000 tonnes collected beyond the target set by the law


2017 collection performance:

  • 241,484 tonnes of ELTs collected (+3% compared with the target set by the law)
  • 26,171 ELT generation points served, the so called ELTGP: tyre dealers, mechanical workshops, service stations, headquarters of fleets, etc.
  • 65,361 requests of collection carried out by the collection companies


The end destinations of recycled rubber

  • 51% recovered as new materials
  • 49% recovered as energy