Campo logo AtalantaLuca PercassiCEO of the Atalanta FC association stated:“it is with great pleasure that Atalanta FC carries on with its partnership with Ecopneus. Our relationship started in 2014 and I am sure that it will give much more and important satisfaction to both of us”.

Indeed, in 2014, the Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio chose a recycled rubber football pitch for its Sports Centre. This pitch was made thanks to a partnership with Ecopneus which has been confirmed also for this year, with great satisfaction from both sides. Atalanta’s young team regularly plays on this pitch, but, when needed, it is used also for the main team’s training sessions.

Giovanni CorbettaGeneral Manager of Ecopneus, stated: “we are honoured to continue with our partnership with Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio. Thanks to its characteristics, recycled rubber is an ideal material for the world of sport and the pitch of the Sports Centre “Bortolotti” represents top level flooring. Its performances are confirmed to us year on year and they convince us even more that recycled rubber is a more and more precious material for sport”.

Compared to natural turf football pitches, synthetic turf ones with recycled rubber infill have several advantages, both technical, financial and overall pitch management ones. Indeed, they do not need irrigation and the constant phytosanitary care necessary to keep a natural turf pitch in good condition, thus noticeably lowering the overall management costs. Above all, it is possible to play 24/7 on the state-of-the-art football pitches, even with extreme climate, without its surface suffering from it. This is a great advantage for a sports centre manager. The confirmation of this fact is that 500,000 tonnes of rubber granules from ELTs are used for this application all over the world every year.

A technology at maximum international standards, approved by FIFA, UEFA and periodically homologated in Italy by LND, National Amateur League, which oversees the homologation of football pitches in our country. To this day, the sports sector absorbs about 35%, (overall over 25,000 tonnes) of the recycled rubber from the Ecopneus chain.