On 5th July the GM of Ecopneus, Mr Giovanni Corbetta, will be talking about the circular economy of End-of-Life tyres to the Symbola Summer Seminar

Ecopneus will take part in the Summer Seminary by Symbola, that will be held in Treia (MC) on 5th and 6thJuly. Giovanni Corbetta, General Manager of Ecopneus, will be speaking on Friday 5th July during the second session of the Summer Seminar “A more civil economy”, to share the experience of Ecopneus. He will also talk about the contribution of Ecopneus for the reinforcement of a circular economy for the rubber recycled from End-of Life tyres thanks to the work of a chain based on environmental, financial, and managerial efficiency.

It will be an occasion for discussion among Institutions, the world of research, and companies on the topics of the economy of the future and the challenges of a changing world: climate change, social inequalities, migrations, new geopolitical orders, and the frontiers of innovation need far-reaching vision and policies. These challenges cannot be faced without a shared vision that activate the most vital energies, starting from territories and communities. A more empathic society and economy is needed, where creativity, research and technology give life to new processes of production of goods and services. Moreover, they meet the wealth of traditional jobs and knowledge and are fed on beauty, relationships, and values. Symbola’s I.T.A.L.I.A. report is both an acronym and a tale of the Italian social and productive identity, from Industry to Tourism, from food to localism, from innovation to art and culture. It is a journey of discovery of a Country that has the talents and the resources to fearlessly look to the future.”

The Symbola Foundation has the objective of promoting a new development model oriented to quality. Tradition, territory, but also technological innovation, research, and design are united in this model. In one word: soft economy. An economy of quality that is able to unite competitiveness and valorisation of human capital, economic growth, respect for the environment and of human rights, productivity, and social cohesion.

Ecopneus has joined the Foundation in 2014, and fully shares the values it promotes, being convinced that economic growth, ethics, and social responsibility can – and must – coexist for a sustainable development of the whole Country, both economically, environmentally, and socially. Moreover, the Symbola Foundation has recently published the “Ecopneus Effect” Report”. This report analyses the positive impacts for the companies of the Ecopneus chain of the End-of-Life Tyres from the point of view of occupation, quality, stability, and economic growth.

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