Stazione addestrativa CecchignolaOn Monday, 11th November, at the Cecchignola Military Centre, the inauguration of the Training centre for the detection apparatuses of explosive devices of the Excellence Centre C-IED was held in the presence of the Commander of the Italian Army’s Corps of Engineers, General Francesco Bindi, Colombia’s Ambassador S.E. Ramirez Rios Gloria Isabel, and of the General Secretary of the Italo-Latin American International Organization.

In the course of the morning, after a general presentation of the project of the training centre, the General Manager of Ecopneus, Giovanni Corbetta, made a speech illustrating the activities carried out by Ecopneus and the many possible applications of recycled rubber from End-of-Life Tyres. Among them, there are also many useful applications for Defence: from the surfaces for animals’ wellbeing, to modified asphalts; from the walls for shooting ranges, to anti-shock and non-slip surfaces.

Here below are some examples of the collaboration set up by Ecopneus with the Italian Army


The project at CEMIVET

A project at the Veterinary Military Centre of the Italian Army  in Grosseto created seven horse stables, a room for obstetrician-gynaecological visits, and an area for dogs’ reproduction – all made with recycled rubber.

Cecchignola Military City

The meeting with the Command of the Military Engineers dealt with training and practical demonstrations of asphalts modified with recycled rubber and surfaces made with recycled rubber, at the Cecchignola Military Centre.


Recycled rubber for shooting ranges  

Ballistic testing of bumpers made with recycled rubber used for shooting ranges safety.