Emilia Romagna is the third Region in Italy for the amount of generated End-of-Life tyres. In 2018 Ecopneus collected and recycled  over 22,000 tonnes, equal to the weight of 2.5 million automobile tyres. If we put them in a line, we could create a line of about 1,255 km: the distance between Rimini and Brussels!

Recycled rubber football pitches, athletics tracks, “silent” long-lasting asphalts: in the Ecopneus car dedicated to End-of-Life Tyre recycling, installations, games, and illustrations show all the advantages of the recycling of this precious material to both students and visitors.

In 2016, the laying of 7,000 square metres of noise reducing asphalt made with recycled rubber allowed to reduce traffic noise by 5dB, to the benefit of all citizens.


TrenoVerde RiminiFrom Monday 18th until Wednesday 20th March, at the Railway Station of Rimini, adults and children will find an answer to this question visiting the car set up by Ecopneus on the TrenoVerde (GreenTrain). This is the historical itinerating campaign of Legambiente and Ferrovie dello Stato (the Italian National Railways). Ecopneus is a main partner of the event. This year the campaign is dedicated to a great global challenge: leave the era of fossil resources and stop climate change.

The third car of the train is fully dedicated to the chain of End-of-Life Tyre (ELT) recovery and recycling of Ecopneus. The rubber a tyre is made of is, indeed, a material of great quality used to make “silent”, safe and long-lasting asphalts, football pitches, multi-purpose sports surfaces, soundproofing panels, urban furniture objects and much more. Inside the car, the visitors will find a comfortable floor made with over 1,000 kg of recycled rubber, which has been shaped and coloured to reproduce some of its main applications, such as: tennis courts, cycle lanes, or athletics tracks. Illustrations, games, and installations will lead children and adults along an educative path to personally understand the importance of a correct recycling of ELTs and the multiple applications of recycled rubber.

Since 2016, this city of the Romagna Region has started a journey towards sustainable mobility with the creation of a cycling and pedestrian lane in Via Marecchiese. Moreover, it has laid 7,000 square metres of noise absorbing asphalt made thanks to the addition of recycled rubber to bitumen. An intervention that has protected cyclists’ safety and, above all, the quality of life of all citizens exposed to this important road. Thanks to the use of asphalts modified with recycled rubber, a 5-decibel reduction of traffic noise was achieved.

In 2018 Ecopneus collected and managed 22,593 tonnes of ELTs in Emilia Romagna. At provincial level, 3,774 tonnes were collected in the Province of Bologna, 1,509 tonnes in Ferrara, 1,370 tonnes in the Province of Forlì-Cesena, 4,268 tonnes in the Modena area, 3.218 tonnes in Parma, 1,816 tonnes in Piacenza, 1,632 tonnes in Ravenna, 3,608 tonnes in Reggio Emilia, and 1,398 tonnes in the Province of Rimini.

The TrenoVerde left from Rome on 15th February and it has already stopped in Palermo, Bari, and Naples. It, then, went back to Rome and carried on towards Pescara, Arezzo, Civitanova Marche and Rimini. The next stops will be Padua (22-24 March), Genoa (26-28 March), Turin (30th March-1st April) and Milan (3-5 April).