Environmental safeguard, legality, beauty. Let’s start from here to build a better future, and each of us can and must do its part. This is the starting point of Luca Pagliari’s show promoted by Ecopneus, as part of the Soft Economy Festival of Symbola Foundation, that will go on stage tomorrow, Thursday June 26th, at Arcangeli di Treia Theatre (MC).

The show – free of charge and open to the public (info 06 441640327) – is built around stories and tales of environment, legality and beauty from the world, but also of evidences from the local territory, through interviews made in the past days in Treia.

The initiative is part of the journey started by Ecopneus on such themes around Italy, meeting many kids of secondary schools in Campania and Sicily.

Ecopneus – non-profit Limited Company, is the main organization responsible for the management of End of Life Tyres (ELT) in Italy – represents today a sound example of green economy, generating economic, environmental and social value for the whole community, with the greatest transparency and respect of ethical principles.

In fact from Ecopneus that efficiently and extensively collects and sends to recovery ELT, derive employment, natural resources’ savings, economic savings, prevention of abandonment acts which spoil the landscape and represent also a risk, in case of fire, in many places all over the domestic territory.

From the start of its activities, 42,000 ELT tons  have been removed from old stocks by Ecopneus from Northern to Southern Italy, all at “zero costs” for the interested local administrations.

That is a job from which derives a precious material, the recycled rubber, that if transformed into granule and powder can become safer, more silent and more lasting roads, sports fields, soundproof material and much more.

In March only, during 2013, Ecopneus collected 8.531 End of Life Tyres tons, thanks to a free of charge ELT collection system at tyre dealers, service stations and mechanics workshops all over the Region. Ancona Province is the first in line with over 1,700 tons sent to treatment, followed by Pesaro, Macerata, Fermo e Ascoli Piceno. The collection data of the first half of 2014 are in line with the collection target set by the Legislator and around 2,900 tons collected in all Marche are confirmed.

From Ecopneus’ experience therefore comes the demonstration that it is possible to concretely act to change the present to build a better future for our Country, where environmental safeguard, legality and beauty are shared values and goals.