Ecopneus al MECSPE di Parma col progetto TyreplastSome of the greatest inventions of the past century were born precisely from the union of very different materials, which gave rise to something completely different and revolutionary: products with improved characteristics, more and more performing and sustainable for the use of industry and consumers.

This is also the objective of the project Tyreplast: to create new materials combining rubber recycled from end-of-life tyres and thermoplastic polymers for the development of highly performing mixes with high environmental value.

Lighter, more resistant products, with great performance to vibration and high soundproofing characteristics are appearing, for example, on the automotive market, where they are used in components and finishing. Resistance to weather conditions, light weight and low cost are the mostly appreciated characteristics by the building sector. Indeed, thanks to Tyreplasts’s thermoplastic compounds, it is possible to create highly performing materials for acoustic insulation and vibration damping. It is a concrete example of circular economy that opens new scenarios and opportunities for all those companies looking for innovative solutions and environmentally sustainable materials.

Ecopneus presented Tyreplast’s fields of application and potentialities also at MECSPE trade fair, from 22ndto 24thMarch in Parma,together with IdeaPlast, a company specialised in the designing and development of thermoplastic materials, from the concept to the finished product.