Ecopneus is the main operator of the management of End-of-Life Tyres in Italy. It is now taking the innovative Tyrefield surfaces made with recycled rubber to the Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Regatta for an even more sustainable sailing tour of Italy. These innovative surfaces have been created with the technical support of Casei Eco-System.

The competition will leave from Genoa and will stop in seven of the most beautiful Italian sea cities.


Ecopneus is the Sustainability Partner of the 2021 Nastro Rosa Tour. This is the sailing tour of Italy that promotes the values of the Italian Navy and that is leaving today from the beautiful Old Port of the City of Genoa. It will continue with 7 other stops reaching some of the most beautiful Italian sea locations.

In every Regatta Village set up for every stop, it will be possible to see the innovative Tyrefield surfaces for the sailing sector made with rubber recycled from End-of-Life Tyres (ELTs) – a new solution at the disposal of professionals and specialists of the sector.

 The innovative tiles have been tested at Genoa’s Italian Yatch Club – the oldest sailing club of the Mediterranean Sea – thanks to the effort of Ecopneus and the technical support of  Casei Eco-System,  a leading company in the production of recycled rubber. Ecopneus is a non-profit consortium and is currently the main operator in the sector of the management of End-of-Life Tyres (ELTs) in Italy.

The tests carried out at Genoa’s Italian Yacht Club have demonstrated how the Tyrefield surfaces made with recycled rubber and developed for the sailing sector are an ideal and highly-performing partner for the needs of those who work in the sailing and nautical business. They are a concrete and sustainable answer to the needs of safety and protection of the sea enthusiasts, as they noticeably reduce the risks of slipping in wet areas. Moreover, they protect vessels from shocks. In addition to this, they reduce the environmental impact caused by the use of virgin raw materials, as they are the result of a recycling process – an added bonus for those sectors where environmental protection is of uttermost importance.


The Tyrefield state-of-the-art sports surfaces for the sailing business are made with rubber recycled from ELTs. This material offers extra-ordinary characteristics for sport: excellent elastic reaction, resistance to all weather conditions, and high shock-absorption capacity. This material is widely used all over the world for the creation of synthetic turf football and rugby pitches, athletics tracks, multipurpose indoor and outdoor surfaces for basketball, tennis and volleyball anti-shock surfaces for gyms and playgrounds.

The event has been organised by Difesa Servizi and SSI Events. It will leave from Genoa’s Old Port and will reach eight cities (Civitavecchia, Gaeta, Napoli, Bari, Brindisi, Marina di Ravenna and Venice in addition to Genoa). It will include a single event for the three main sailing disciplines: offshore, inshore, and decks. Thirteen crews from nine different nations will be the protagonists of the sailing competition that will have its own village at every stop. The race will end at the Arsenale in Venice.