Opening registrations
Tenders for the awarding of agreements for the period 2015-2017

On July 18th 2014 Ecopneus will open the Vendor Prequalification Service for all those companies which are interested in having a partnership with Ecopneus for the activity of:

  • Transport site to site

with reference to the management of End-of-Life Tyres.

Interested companies might access the Vendor portal through the section Operators Area of Ecopneus website and submit their interest through a registration.

We remind you that the registration is absolutely free and voluntary, does not guarantee the participation to the tender and does not imply any commitment from Ecopneus.

For further information and/or updates please read the news or check within our Operators Area.

Registrations will end at 6pm on September 15th 2014.

  • Ecopneus nella Green economy

Tender Trasport site to site

Tender opening for companies interested in Transport site to site activities of End-of-Life Tyres

Starting today, companies interested in ELT Transport site to site activities can register in the Operators Area to participate in the next contract assignment for the three-year period 2015-2017.

Written on 18 Luglio 2014


Richiedi il ritiro dei tuoi pneumatici fuori uso
Registrations for professional training course in environmental acoustics are opened. Pistoia, September - December 2014

Registrations for professional training course in environmental acoustics are opened. Pistoia, September - December 2014

The course is dedicated to professionals and experts operating in all acoustics sectors, it is approved by the Tuscany Region with code 2501004 (Compulsory Training for Competent Technician in Environmental Acoustics) and assigns Professional Training Credits to Engineers registered to the Associations, up to a total of 120 PTC.

Written on 17 Luglio 2014


Welcome to the Ecopneus site

Ecopneus scpa is a non-profit Limited Company for the traceability, collection, treatment and recovery of End of Life Tyres (ELT), set up by the leading tyre manufacturers operating in Italy on the basis of art. 228 of Legislative Decree 152/2006. Ecopneus’ mission is to manage a large part of the over 380,000 tons of tyres that reach the end of their life every year in Italy. It is currently responsible for handling a number of ELTs proportionate to the overall market share of its member companies.

New fees reduction on tyres purchasing by partner companies

Ecopneus: new fees reduction on tyres purchasing by partner companies. A 9 million Euros’ saving for consumers

Operative efficiency, service quality, transparent management: Ecopneus’s recipe to consumers’ benefit for End of Life Tyres management

Written on 30 July 2014


NOW! Treia

NOW! In Treia the future is now! Stories of environment, legality, beauty

Stories of environment and legality from the world and from the territory. Thursday, June 26th, 2014 at 20.30, at Arcangeli di Treia Theatre, goes on stage the show of Luca Pagliari promoted by Ecopneus, as part of the Soft Economy Festival of Symbola Foundation.

Written on 26 July 2014


Ecopneus e la rete degli impianti partner per il recupero dei PFU